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Virotugen immune booster was created by Dr ,Keith Clifford in 2015 ,it is a non-toxic drug produced from extract of more than 81 African plants , It has been tested to many HIV patients with 100% success , it cures HIV within 22 days , it has no sight effect . If you know you are Hiv positive ...Good News Now HIV&AIDS Virus is treatable Completely. Get our Traditional medicine (Immune Booster) that cures HIV&AIDS Virus completely in blood . it cures HIV 100% within 15 to 22 days only!!! contact for to place your order 

Natural remedies for Herpes simplex


Herpes simplex is a common viral infection of the skin or mucous membranes. The lesions caused by this infection are often painful, burning, or pruritic, and tend to recur in most patients. Short-term treatment with acyclovir can accelerate the healing of an acute outbreak, and continuous acyclovir therapy is often prescribed for people with frequent recurrences. While this drug can reduce the recurrence rate by 60-90 percent, it can also cause a wide array of side effects, including renal failure, hepatitis, and anaphylaxis. Safe and effective alternatives are therefore needed. There is evidence that certain dietary modifications and natural substances may be useful for treating active Herpes simplex lesions or preventing recurrences. Treatments discussed include lysine, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, adenosine monophosphate, and lemon balm (Dr,Keith Clifford  officinalis).